How to Maximize the Giving Season with Supporter Insights

November 19, 2018
7 minutes
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Utilize Donor Wealth and Capacity Insights to build your end-of-year ask segments.

Funraise offers powerful wealth and giving capacity insights to segment your Supporters and customize your end-of-year donation strategies easily and quickly. 

View a specific Supporter's Wealth Insights directly on their profile to research individual capacity. The wealth data found on your Supporters is a great starting point for creating strategy around Supporter cultivation and prioritizing the Supporters you should be spending more time with. Here are the five data points Funraise provides on a Supporter's profile if a successful match is found: Net Worth, Propensity to Give (P2G), Gift Capacity, Total Income, and Real Estate Value.

OK, ready to really put these Insights to work? Wealth Insights become seriously valuable when used to create larger segments of many Supporters at once—which is easy to do with Funraise! 

You can filter a list of Supporters based on their Net Worth and Gift Capacity.

A screenshot of Funraise in platform showing how to filter Supporter lists.

Why segment your ask lists by Wealth Insights?

Because when you ask a millionaire to donate $25, you're missing the chance to share the true extent of impact this person can have. Donors will rarely donate more than you ask them to, so... finding the highest ask amount for each individual can really increase how much you raise overall.

A screenshot showing Funraise Wealth Scoring in use.

Let's look at an example High Net Worth strategy:

Filter your Supporter list by

  1. Last Donation Date > is before > This Year
  2. Net Worth > equals > $5 - $10 Million

This will show you high net worth Supporters, who have not yet donated this year. Ask these Supporters to give more than your general ask. Remember... a donor will rarely give more than you ask them... so make sure you're asking them for a donation amount relative to their ability to give!

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