Support organizations that work with the people of Ukraine

Join Funraise in supporting organizations that work with the people of Ukraine

March 22, 2022
3 minutes
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Funraise is proud to power the fundraising efforts of organizations working for the people of Ukraine. We encourage you to learn more about the work of these organizations and make a donation to continue their urgent work.

USA for UNHCR — The UN Refugee Agency

UNHCR has been working in Ukraine since 1994, alongside local authorities, partners and community organizations to deliver protection and humanitarian assistance to people in need and remains on the ground to help now. UNHCR has stockpiles of aid, cash, and other means to help people forced to flee and provided that humanitarian access and safety is granted, UNHCR staff are ready to deliver.

Action Against Hunger

Existing humanitarian organizations in Ukraine will not have the capacity to deal with soaring needs. Action Against Hunger has experience working in Ukraine and, together with partners and contacts, their emergency teams are assessing the situation and exploring the most effective ways to respond to humanitarian needs. They are also sending exploratory missions to Poland and Moldova to find out how best to meet the needs of refugees.

One Day’s Wages

One Day’s Wages has pledged $250,000 for emergency relief in Ukraine with a goal to raise $500,000 over the next two months for relief efforts in Ukraine and for emergent crises around the world. They take their lead from organizations responding on the ground as they know best regarding how to meet these crises' growing needs.


Your donation will help provide emergency medical supplies for communities in Ukraine. MATTER is working with partners in the United States and abroad to ensure critical medical supplies reach those who need it most. Since 2000, MATTER has distributed more than $268 million in life-saving medical supplies and equipment to expand access to health for more than 40 million people in 77 countries.

Watts of Love

Since the invasion began, electricity and the power grid has been a target of Russian attacks. On one hand, Russian and Ukrainian power grids are incredibly interconnected, creating unstable electricity. Additionally, much of their electricity comes from nuclear power, which has been a target of the invasion. This has left hospitals, bomb shelters, and millions of people without access to light. Watts of Love is sending lights to Ukraine. Please help bring relief and light during this humanitarian crisis.

Open Eyes

Open Eyes’s goal is to raise raise $250,000 for the immediate crisis response. 100% of your donation goes directly into helping the people of Ukraine. Open Eyes will help by distributing funds through seminaries and related churches in Ukraine, which are sheltering refugees and assisting them as they relocate to safer areas inside and outside the country, partnering with churches in surrounding countries (Moldova, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany, and others) that are opening their doors to refugees crossing the borders, and granting funds to churches and seminaries so they can provide food, temporary shelter, and means of transportation for displaced people, especially high-risk families who had to leave loved ones behind.


Coreluv will be partnering with two amazing organizations in Ukraine to provide support for children in Ukraine: Catalyst for Kids and YWAM.

Catalyst for Kids works with orphans with special needs in Ukraine. They serve 200 children and provide schooling, therapy, and spiritual development. They also provide support to Ukrainian families raising children with special needs. In addition, they are providing support for refugees, troops, and local churches.

YWAM (Youth With A Mission) is an international missions training and outreach organization. Their work in Ukraine is focused on orphans, providing food and supplies, as well as assisting those fleeing the country. They are taking in refugees and providing shelter and food for them as they make their way to the border.

Global Heritage Fund with Europa Nostra

Global Heritage Fund has joined Europa Nostra and its powerful network on the ground to defend cultural heritage in Ukraine as well as support those working in the cultural heritage world who have been rendered refugees in their escape from Russia’s brutal aggression.

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