Introducing: Text-to-Give for Nonprofits

February 21, 2019
2 minutes

We've got some big news to share that's sure to tickle your fancy (if you're into that kind of thing). Funraise is thrilled to announce Text Engagement, our newest feature developed specifically with nonprofits in mind.

What's Text Engagement? Well, it's only the best thing to hit nonprofit organizations since the online giving form! Also known as text-to-give, Text Engagement provides nonprofits the opportunity to reach donors like never before and send personalized messages at the perfect time directly to supporters' mobile devices.

Text-to-give has a stellar track record of donor engagement, with a 95% open rate according to Twilio. Compare that number to the average email open rate of 18% and there's no question that incorporating text-to-give into your fundraising strategy is just like striking nonprofit gold (minus the leprechauns).

With Text Engagement, fundraisers can:

  • Send direct donation asks to donors and supporters
  • Generate excitement and urgency surrounding peer-to-peer campaigns
  • Remind recurring donors about expiring payment information
  • Update event attendees with venue changes or event teasers
  • Text supporters for help during a crisis or emergency
  • Thank donors with personalized messages

Text Engagement is a powerful tool that nonprofits can start using right away to boost fundraising efforts and move you closer to achieving your overall mission and vision. Get texting now and thank us later!

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