How to Amplify Your Nonprofit Fundraising Events

January 22, 2019
3 minutes

Amplify Your Nonprofit Fundraising Events

Hear ye, hear ye! All you nonprofit birdies who've been singing in our ears about a way to sell tickets for your fundraising events? Guess what? We were listening.

Introducing Funraise's new Events & Ticketing feature for funding awesome nonprofiteers.Your nonprofit events will never be the same again. They'll be better.

With Events & Ticketing, you're able to:

  • Ask for donations at time of purchase
  • Collect event-specific information—like meal type or shirt size
  • Automate confirmation emails, including receipts with tax deduction details
  • Easily monitor ticket sales to provide updates to your stakeholders
  • Manage vendor orders easily—know exactly how many meals to order and which attendee may have a special request
  • Check in attendees at your event for realtime tracking and reporting

All in one delightful nonprofit CRM.

Your success is important to us and great nonprofits need powerful tools to be exceptional. Events & Ticketing helps you spend less time planning your nonprofit event and more time changing the world, one ginormous donation at a time.

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