How to Know if Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Isn't Right For Your Nonprofit

May 16, 2019
4 minutes

How do you know when peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising is right for your nonprofit?

We may not be able to answer that question 100% for you, but we sure can tell you when P2P isn't gonna help your mission!

Here are some use cases that could be a reflection of your nonprofit.

  • If you're a dog-run nonprofit, P2P might not be right for you. As far as we know, dogs don't get on the interwebs, so an online giving campaign that relies on digital know-how isn't gonna fly. The good news is that Paw2Paw fundraising might be just up your alley(cat).
  • If you're trying to raise something other than money. If you're into fruitraising instead of fundraising, for example, then P2P might not be right for you. (But we'll totally buy some of your homemade jam, fruitraiser!
  • If you're trying to keep your mission a secret. P2P is all about spreading the word, so if your mission needs to be kept on the down-low, a supersecure bitcoin campaign might be better.
  • If you don't like money. Or if you're allergic. Maybe you have a nonprofit that serves the chrometophobic community—raking in the dough could be really bad for your constituents. Your health is worth more than gold.
  • If you're a crew member on the Black Pearl. Aside from the issue of finding a wifi hotspot in the middle of the ocean, your pirate-y colleagues would probably try to steal the donations you gather from your network—them. Sounds like rough peer-to-peer-ing seas to us!
Hand-painted, colorful pieces of fruit floating on a white background.

But! If you love having your supporters work with you toward a massive fundraising goal, peer-to-peer fundraising might just be your cup of tea.

  • If you have a mission with a story that people really respond to, P2P might be for you. 
  • If your network consists of highly-engaged, loud internet voices. P2P might be for you. 
  • If your supporters are motivated by competition and you've got some bananas-awesome prizes, P2P might be for you. 
  • If you have a massive matching grant and need to get the word out, P2P might be for you.
  • If you're on a deadline and you need to amplify your nonprofit's ask, but you don't have the energy to spend 28-hour days handing out flyers, P2P might be for you. 
  • If you've got a celebrity supporter who's willing to direct their twittbookgram followers to your campaign site, P2P might be for you. 

Whether peer-to-peer is a natural direction for your organization or you're running the opposite way, you can save yourself time and energy by using nonprofit supertools made by nonprofit people who have your needs in mind, like Funraise. 

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