Funraise releases Facebook integration for nonprofit fundraisers

December 30, 2019
2 minutes

Funraise, an online fundraising platform, brings Facebook fundraisers and donation data together in one user-friendly nonprofit CRM. 

[Long Beach, CA, November 7, 2019] Funraise recently announced the new Facebook integration that allows nonprofits to make the most of Facebook fundraisers. Making the most of a wave of social fundraising that nonprofits are tapping into, Funraise’s Facebook integration delivers essential donation data directly to tech-savvy organizations.

Funraise's Facebook integration syncs Funraise peer-to-peer pages and Facebook fundraisers for a multi-channel, revenue-boosting approach to fundraising. Peer-to-peer fundraisers can create a Facebook fundraiser with just a click, expanding their efforts exponentially and resulting in synced Facebook fundraisers and Funraise pages that respond to donations made on either page. In addition, Facebook’s donation data is sent directly to the nonprofit’s database on Funraise’s platform. 

Justin Wheeler, Funraise CEO and Co-founder, expanded on the value of the integration, saying, “Funraise’s Facebook integration provides nonprofits with greater visibility into the social fundraising being done on their behalf and it gives nonprofit supporters a greater stake in the contribution they’re making through their peer-to-peer, networked fundraising. Funraise is excited to help nonprofits connect their diverse fundraising efforts into unified, predictable, multi-channel revenue streams.”

Aside from boosting the nonprofit’s peer-to-peer fundraisers’ signals and stimulating donations, integrating Facebook with Funraise’s nonprofit CRM gives the organization control over donation data as well as donor data supplied by the social media platform. With more in-depth knowledge about donor activities, forward-thinking nonprofits can to tailor campaigns and communications for greater donor engagement and, ultimately, maximum impact.

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