Funraise is Partnering with Nonprofit Tech for Good

March 1, 2019
1 minute

Nonprofit. Tech. Good.

The NGO Tech Report has all the things we love—we couldn't pass it up! The gorgeous data, the sweeping views of the global giving landscape, the brilliant worldwide impact, all driven by technology. Funraise is thrilled to announce that it's partnering with Nonprofit Tech for Good to sponsor the 2019 NGO Tech Report, a veritable feast of digital trends in fundraising and giving from around the world.

But first, we need your help! We're asking you to tell us the ways that you use technology as a force for your fundraising. And we need you to send the survey to your nonprofit friends around the globe so that they can contribute as well.

What you'll get in return is a smorgasbord for your charitable senses. Collectively, we'll gain valuable insights, enabling the entire nonprofit world to do more good. And if that's not a reason to join us at the table, we don't know what is.

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