Fundraising Reporting Made Easy as 1, 2, 3!

July 27, 2020
3 minutes

Hey there, data-driven fundraiser! How much time are you spending every month pulling reports and analytics on your fundraising program? Better yet, are you pulling aaaaany reports to inform the next quarter's strategies and tactics? We think it’s high time every fundraiser embraces the power of reports and analytics to make them the savviest fundraiser on the block!

When it comes to reporting, your donor CRM can either be your BFF or your worst enemy. Of course, we want you to have BFF status with your donor CRM cuz they offer a lot of value and insight to fundraisers. Let’s talk about some ways your donor CRM can simplify reporting on fundraising activities.

But First Things First. You Need a Donor CRM.

According to the Global NGO Tech Report, only 64% of nonprofits in the US and Canada use a Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) to track donations and manage communications with supporters and donors. What are the other 36% of nonprofits doing to manage donor relations? Spreadsheets, Word documents and their good ol’ fashioned memory are all possibilities. If you find yourself in this camp, we’re here to intervene and set you straight!

Donor CRMs help you track and manage data like a boss! By having a central place to keep and manage donor data, you're more likely to retain more donors, identify your best major gift and planned giving prospects, and raise more money.

If your organization already has a donor CRM in place, is that CRM helping your maximize your fundraising opportunities? We hope the answer is yes! (If not, check out Funraise's donor CRM!)

Fundraising Reporting FTW!

Now you know about the power that comes with a donor CRM, let’s talk about reporting. Inside most donor CRMs, you’ll have the ability to run reports. These reports can help you share high-level insights with your executive team and board members and give you the ability to continuously improve your fundraising strategies and tactics. Fundraisers may run specific reports on a daily basis (like donation reports to process gifts) or they may run more periodic reports (like donor retention or year-to-date fundraising revenue).

Pre-Built Reports Inside Your CRM

Some CRMs may have pre-built reports available for you to use ASAP. These types of reports are helpful for fundraisers because 1) you’ll spend less time having to build the report from the ground up and 2) with the click of a button you’ll get the information you need. Sounds dreamy, right?

Inside Funraise's donor CRM, you’ll find pre-built reports for tracking revenue (year-to-date and the last 30 days), pledges made, donor retention and year-over-year comparison reports. With access to all of this data, you’ll be able to see what’s working inside your fundraising program and identify ways you can keep improving your fundraising results.

The Headache of Expired Credit Cards

If your nonprofit has a recurring donor program, you know that expired credit cards can be a real pain in the you-know-what. Having the right report in your donor CRM will allow you to stay ahead of expired credit cards. This will help you and your team know which donors to reach out to so that recurring donations don't lapse.

Does your donor CRM have the ability to run reports on expired credit cards? Check to see if it does and get yourself another way for reporting to simply your fundraising life!

Everything in One Dashboard

No more flipping between tabs or having to run multiple reports that have you sifting through multiple spreadsheets to make sense of it all. You don’t have time for that! You need your donor CRM to give you the ability to see all the most important analytics in one dashboard. Think of this as your command central that allows you to see the health and performance of your fundraising program at a glance.

You may currently have a fundraising dashboard for your analytics, but if it requires you to copy and paste the information into a spreadsheet, it’s creating more work for you. Let your CRM do the work instead!

Fundraising reporting is a tool that will help you take your fundraising program to the next level! With the right reports in hand, you’ll gather useful insights to make strategic decisions. Most of all, we want you to spend less time running your reports and more time making money moves!

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