CEO Insights: When Household Donors Take Precedent Over Major Donors

April 16, 2022
3 minutes
Justin is Funraise's CEO, a co-founder, and a bad-ass, experienced nonprofit fundraiser. Like a true fundraiser-turned-founder, he breaks down the concepts behind Funraise's mission everywhere he can make nonprofits' voices heard.

What happens to your donors when your community encounters a crisis?

Major donors may be more difficult to engage—many of them donate based on their portfolios, and when they take a hit, their contributions go down.

But what about household donors??

Households make up 74% of giving in America. And traditionally, in times of crisis, household giving increases—like during the Great Recession in 2008.

So how do you focus on the donors most likely to increase giving?

Don't stop telling your story.

Don't stop sharing your mission.

There's an audience that still wants to give. Find those people, get to know them, and be transparent about how wold changes are affecting your mission's needs.

You'll find out firsthand how much household giving increases during times of need.

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