CARE for AIDS Increases Unique Online Donors by 83%

December 19, 2018
5 minutes
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From Atlanta to East Africa, science collides with art to transform underserved communities

CARE for AIDS is dedicated to fighting the HIV/AIDS crisis in East Africa through the social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and economic transformation of communities in need. To build relationships with donors and cultivate support for their cause, CARE for AIDS utilizes Funraise's advanced donor data and analytics to strategically connect their cause to like-minded supporters, resulting in an amazing 83% increase in unique online donors.

"We can run queries on when [donors] give, how they give, to what causes they give... so we can have a hyper-focused fundraising strategy." John Flores, Chief Development Officer

In their first year with Funraise, CARE for AIDS increased their unique online donors by 83%, resulting in 129% more donations. Not only that, but CARE for AIDS increased their total amount raised by 34% and the amount they raised online by 57%. With the core of their mission focused on relationship-building, it's only natural that CARE for AIDS' was able to utilize Funraise's data-driven system to great success.

CARE for AIDS' remarkable growth is made possible with support from Funraise's delightful all-in-one nonprofit CRM. 

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