State of the World: 11 Nonprofit Leader Interviews at AFP22

"What excites you about the nonprofit space in 2022?" 11 Nonprofit Leaders Answer the Question

August 1, 2022
30 minutes
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Welcome back to Nonstop Nonprofit, friends! The podcast has a whole new season ahead, and we're kicking it off with a compilation series loaded with live interviews from AFP ICON 2022! Hang out at our booth with us and talk to nonprofit's brightest stars about trends, impact, and the future of fundraising.

Let's dive in!

In this segment, Francesco Ambrogetti, UNICEF's Principal Adviser of Innovative and Alternative Finance for Children, gives his take on the importance of donor engagement and global growth through financial innovation. His methods to discover what donors really really want will bowl you over.

In this segment, Kishshana Palmer, nonprofit leadership expert, keynote speaker, and fellow podcaster, gives her take on how technology is going to factor into the future of nonprofit leadership—and shares a fresh take on who's doing it right when it comes to DEI initiatives.

In this segment, Sommer Brock, VP of Development for the Pontiac Community Foundation, gives her take on getting rid of the nonsense in the donor-centric fundraising model, the effect that community-centric fundraising has on donors, and reimagining fundraising messaging.

In this segment, Jarrett Ransom, aka the Nonprofit Nerd, explains how considering what your audience needs now will give you the freedom to pivot in the future. She also gives her take on embracing and adopting disruption as a natural move toward nonprofit progress.

In this segment, Julia Campbell, digital storyteller and nonprofit social media expert, explains the laws of attraction and how they affect nonprofits, including why nonprofits have every reason to be controversial.

In this segment, Cherian Koshy, author, mentor, and nonprofit investment specialist, explains how an endowment may be your nonprofit's solution to sustainability. Strangely, Cherian makes taxes, stocks, and investments sound... fun.

In this segment, Rachel Muir, nonprofit consultant, trainer, and speaker, takes us from the highest fundraising campaigns successes to the funniest fundraising flops. Along the way she makes us laugh, high five, and face our failures.

In this segment, Karen Houghton, CEO and founder of Infinite Giving, brings high-level investment planning to the nonprofit world. It's an exciting concept! Hear why nonprofits that want to fire back at inflation, take a long-game approach to program funding, or make stock donations attractive and easy need a tool designed for them.

In this segment, Bret Heinrich, CEO of Wings of Hope and AFP board member, gives us some great examples of how necessity has resulted in innovative solutions. From the humble beginnings of Wings of Hope to the most recent pandemic hurdles and on to harnessing the power of technology, Wings of Hope has continued to increase care and impact where it's needed most.

In this segment, Shiree Skinner, Director of Development and Communication at New Futures, AFP presenter, and idealist, reminds us that nonprofiteers are the best people in the world. From pride in our work to tackling new challenges to progress on our long journey to equity, it's easy to forget that nonprofits are literally making the world a better place.

In this segment, Mallory Erickson, executive coach, consultant, and AFP presenter, dives into what it means to be a nonprofit not just in the 21st century, but in a pandemic-affected, increasingly digital, relationship-as-a-gold-standard online world.

In this segment, Chad Barger, otherwise known as fundraiserchad and founder of Productive Fundraising, looks back at the effect the pandemic has had on fundraising events. The result? A world that needs both virtual and in-person events to maximize participation.

In this segment, Madison Gonzalez, ED of Morning Light, brings hot storytelling tips and reminders designed to push you past the planning stage into serious story mode. It's amazing how many AHA! moments she covered in our time chatting.

In this segment, Taylor Shanklin, CEO and founder of Barlele and expert marketing leader brings some interesting examples of nonprofits overcoming growth obstacles with some innovation and explains how changing your mindset can change everything.

In this segment, Courtney Gaines, Senior Vice President at NextAfter, shares the one thing that every nonprofit has to do, large or small, whatever the level of tech-savviness, no matter the mission—and how your nonprofit's culture is stopping you from doing it.

Now these are some action-packed interviews! For more in-depth thoughts from the nonprofit future, check out the Nonstop Nonprofit podcast. Chances are that you could use some on-the-go ideas, humor, and support... which makes Nonstop Nonprofit the perfect pitstop!

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