Advice with Vision: Ramy from Madeo

September 2, 2020
3 minutes

Word to the wise: Ramy Nagy has some wise words. And they're for you.

The Creative Director and CEO of Madeo, a Webby Award-winning, social-impact-focused creative studio, is a thoughtful leader when it comes to nonprofits and their websites. We've paraphrased his ideas here so you can grab-and-go-for-it.

Treat your website as a program

Your website's not a project with a start and end date. It's not a property, a destination where people end up lounging. It's not a room to decorate. It's not a product that someone pays for, like sneakers.

Your website is a program, just like any other your nonprofit runs. It's a moment, a movement, an engagement, a conversation, a catalyst, a motivator, an eye-opener, a woke-ifier.

And your tech team manages that program.

Departmental Intersectionality

Your website is an intersection of all your departments. It's HQ and home base and relevant to everyone in your org.

Your website is the easiest way for donors to gather information on your nonprofits. Now, more than ever, your website is an outreach and nurturing program like nothing else in your toolkit.

“Debrief Culture”

When you don't hit the fundraising mark. *sob* It happens to every org and every fundraising professional. But after you run head-on into failure, do you pack up the pain or do you debrief? Do you look at why you didn't hit your fundraising target and then move on to try new ideas, or do you let that one defeat stand in the way of attempting plans that may not work?

“Missed Opportunity Mentality” vs “Fixit Mentality”

Oftentimes we look at our metrics and see a high bounce rate or a dropoff point in the donor journey. It's natural to want to fix it! But how often do you look at your visits or traffic to identify successes so you can replicate them in the future? It's all about being proactive instead of solely reactive.

Small Budget Plan

The best thing an org with a small budget can do is hire right. Invest in your team. What that means is you need to stop thinking of your organization as a place where junior associates can go to learn a bunch of skills and you can onboard a passionate newcomer for next-to-nothing.

Start thinking of the team you have now and how they'll learn and grow and benefit when you bring on someone who's an expert in their niche.

Grand Rebranding Plan

Don't do it. Yet.

Never rebrand just because. Look beyond the benefit of a kewl brand to the necessities your brand fills. When your current brand no longer fulfills those needs, then dig deep and find the Why. Not only will you elevate your mission, but you'll also have a clear direction for your new brand.

Got what you need? Now go get 'em!

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