A Perfect Match: How to Use Text-to-Give With Your Nonprofit CRM

March 5, 2019
4 minutes

There are plenty of great text-to-give platforms out there. Or, well, there's definitely a few text-to-donate services that are hard to beat. But if you want to know why you should jump on the text-to-give bandwagon and how to send a text message from your nonprofit donor CRM, this is all the info you'll need. (But seriously, if you need additional help, ping our Customer Success team!)

First, the why

It's how people communicate these days. How many times in the last few years have you heard someone say they don't talk on the phone, just text them! Or listened to a voicemail instructing you to text the person you're calling? How often do you try to log into an online account and it tells you to input the code they just texted you? Smartphones are here to stay, so if you're interested in capturing younger donors, this is the way to communicate with them, period.

Email vs text

Not-for-profit email open rates averaged 18%, with a 6% click-through rate. If you've got great content and deliverability, like Funraise's customers, maybe you're at 52% (yes, that's our customers' average open rate). But text message open rates run to north of 90%—you can't even compare the two. And with high engagement rates among younger audiences, the effectiveness of text-to-give for nonprofits is likely to grow.

What's the message?

Really, anything. Because inside Funraise, you can segment supporters into infinite lists and send them all unique messages. You wouldn't talk to major donors the same way you'd address $10 donors, right? Here's a few ideas:

  • Send them targeted donation asks. Pull together a core group of supporters who always show up to help—text them when you really need help.
  • Have a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign going on? Send your fundraisers encouragement, updates, and tips to help them bring in more donations.
  • Send a text to supporters whose credit cards are expiring.
  • When your event is rained out and you need to move your garden party fundraiser indoors, send a text to your registered guests letting them know the venue has changed.
Yellow, orange and red text bubbles on white background.

Share and share and like

Just like social posts, text messages can be shared and forwarded. When you throw down compelling messaging, your texts can end up going viral. And with 160 characters to stretch out in, your message can have big impact in just one glance. Try something like this:

"Imagine being 50 mi away from freedom and needing $10 to get there. Kim is so close to a new life: Donate $10 toward her escape. https://your.tiny.url.here"

Now, the how

We can only speak to how Funraise works, but once you see how integrated and easy it is, you may want to become a customer.

  • Decide on a message - in a perfect world, how would people respond? Do you need money, volunteers, or loud voices?
  • Segment your donors - use Funraise's handy donor CRM filters to reveal your recurring donors, most reliable volunteers, or peer-to-peer fundraisers.
  • Send the text - click, copy, paste, and send. Boom.
  • Follow up - don't forget about email. Send a follow-up to provide more detailed information to your text recipients.

Combining your text-to-give platform with your nonprofit CRM ultimately makes tons of sense. You don't have to give up email, but use the two in conjunction to create uniquely targeted, effective donation campaigns.

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