How to share your donation pages

February 14, 2021
5 minutes

By now, all of us living our lives in the crazy, wonderful world of nonprofits can agree on the importance of having a donation page. Once you get a donation page set up, you'll need to make sure there are actually eyes and fingers on it, bringing the donations. Here’s a quick and easy guide to how to do exactly that.

Sharing is caring

So what’s next, now that the donation page is built and ready to collect those all-important cash-money donations from your awesome supporters? You’ve got to get the news out about the donation page. If you don’t get eyes on the page itself, you won’t be able to collect donations. Simple as that.

Here’s a list of places you can share your brand-spankin’-new donation form.

Social media

We’re in the 21st century, so it’s fair to presume your nonprofit has a Facebook page, a Twitter page, or possibly even an Instagram, right? We hope you replied “Right!” enthusiastically. If you didn’t, you need to sign up for a Facebook page—at the very least—yesterday. Social media's a great way to get the news out about your nonprofit, generally speaking, and about your donation page in particular.

Social media is just that—social. And in a time where most of our public meeting spaces have lost their capacity to host hundreds or thousands of people at a given event, social media is about the only “social” anything we have. If you’re trying to communicate the worth of the campaign your donation page supports to as many people as possible as quickly as possible, go where the people are: social media.

Get a little help from a friend

Now that you’ve shared your donation page all over your nonprofit’s social media pages, what should you do next?

Why, ask your greatest supporters to share it on their own pages, of course.

Your nonprofit’s social media following can only get you so far. By branching out and having your supporters share your donation page on their own social media pages, you’re introducing your nonprofit to a whole new group of people: FOAFs! (FOAF stands for “friend of a friend”, by the way. We try to stay up on the latest in acronyms.) Hint: this is also called peer networking, and it's a great place to start planting those peer-to-peer seeds for future campaigns.

Email is excellent

Email marketing: it’s not just for ecommerce (aka online shops) anymore. That’s right—you can and should talk up your nonprofit through your email list. And extrapolating from that, you should advertise your donation pages through email marketing.

Whenever you have a new donation page, send a link to that donation page out to your email list. If you don’t have an email list yet, it's time to start compiling one!

Other outlets

Don’t just limit your donation page blitz to social media, email, and through supporters. There are a ton of places both online and off that are primed and ready to help you spread the news about your donation page.

For example, if you’re fundraising in the post-Thanksgiving holiday season, you’re almost certainly planning on having your nonprofit join in on the Giving Tuesday fun. Giving Tuesday—the broader organization, not the event—hosts a website where nonprofits just like yours can introduce themselves to the rest of the community and post links to their own donation pages. That’s a great opportunity for nonprofits!

Beyond that, your local news station or local newspaper might have a “giving back is the reason for the season”-minded reporter who's willing and ready to tell a story about your nonprofit to their entire audience! That could be a great opportunity to push your donation page, too.

Once you’ve set up your donation page, you’ve gotten some of the work done, but certainly not the bulk. Nonprofit fundraising depends upon the support of the public …but to get their support, the public needs to know you’re fundraising in the first place. So get out there and promote that donation page like your mission depends on it!

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