The Funraise Webhook sends Transaction data to a subscribed url when a Transaction is created or edited. You can use a Webhook to build custom apps or send Transaction data to external systems.
Zapier Automations
While Developers can use webhooks to build custom apps, non-developers can build custom automations without code with a tool like Zapier.

Getting Started

1. Navigate to Settings (click your profile icon in top right) > Webhooks
2. Click the Webhook Signing Secret actions menu (3 dots) > click Generate
      3. Click Edit to configure the Webhook details
      4. Edit Webhook details > click Save
      When you Save a new webhook configuration, we’ll send a request to your target url. In order to authenticate the connection, you will pass back the Signing Secret. If you’re using Zapier, this happens automatically.
      For organizations that don’t use Zapier and instead create their own endpoints, the following criteria must be met by the endpoint to successfully create the subscription:
      • The endpoint must return x-hook-secret in the response header. This will have been sent to you in the request header of the call that Funraise makes.
      • The endpoint must return status = 200 for successful calls.
      Webhook Target URL
      This is the url that will receive the payload.
      Contact Email
      If a webhook fails, we’ll retry the webhook for the next ~24hours. If we’re unable to deliver the payload after this retry period, we’ll send a failure notification to this email address.


      When a Transaction is created, we’ll send the following payload to your subscribed url. The payload consists of Transaction data.