Campaign Sites

Campaign Sites can be further customized with custom HTML and CSS. Learn how to add custom CSS or HTML to your site with the following articles.

Prebuilt Templates

Start your fundraising website with a ready-made template, then edit colors, text, and layout to bring your brand and story to life.


Use basic typographic structure when adding custom HTML.
Google Fonts
Templates are built with a single Google Font. To update your site's font, edit the font style sheet link and the font styles in your Header Code Injection.


When adding custom HTML buttons to your Campaign Site, add class .funButton. The styles for this button class can be edited in your site's Header Code Injection.
Link to a Page
<a href="#" class="funButton">Click Me</a>
Link to a Giving Form v1
<button class="funButton" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#donateModal-XXXXXXXXXX">Donate</button>
Link to a Giving Form v2
<button class="funButton" data-formid="XXXX">Donate</button>


Use cards for specific calls to action. When adding cards to your site, set your Container Width to 1170px and Content Box to 100%.

Responsive Video

Use a responsive video container when embedding a YouTube or Vimeo video.

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