Recruitment Grant

Samaritan will be getting the best people invested in their cause and working for their mission, courtesy of our Recruitment Grant.
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This grant will advance your nonprofit by...

recruiting the very best talent for the open position of your choice. This process includes a customized recruiter meeting and candidate research and screenings, at a value of $30,000 or more.

Your nonprofit needs top talent.

The pros at Calvin Group understand nonprofits' needs and are ready to get you the designer, developer, or director you need to take your mission's impact galaxy-wide. Their patented "Calvin Method" has placed top experts at companies you've actually heard of.


Have you been looking for that unicorn employee for, like, ever? Aside from budget being an issue, it's hard to find talent with the qualifications you need. Which is why you should let a recruiter handle your executive search. You're working for the betterment of the community, so you qualify to have this grant work to make your org even better.

Recruiting Services From
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Calvin Group has been changing the landscape of recruiting one day at a time since 2008. They take their work seriously, not themselves.

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