Donor Analysis Grant

We're excited to see how World Hope International uses the donor data down-low provided with our Donor Analysis Grant.
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This grant will advance your nonprofit by...

introducing you to Hadi Minooei, Funraise's Chief Data Scientist. Hadi will dive into your data to identify patterns and create personas, enabling you to better engage with your donors. We'll also throw in wealth screenings for your entire donor database.

Data is exciting stuff.

If you're looking for a breakdown of your donation database, this is the grant for you. We'll use our informational knowledge to enhance your data. Armed with this info, you can focus your budget and efforts to maximize donor engagement.


Have you been marketing to the incorrect demographic, speaking to a target audience that's just not listening to your pleas for major gifts? Find out how many of your donors live within a mile of a beach or whether your investors work in startups so you can communicate correctly. We're curious, and we've got a data scientist who's ready to explore along with you.

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