Wealth Screenings

Assess the giving capacity of your donors with reputable wealth screening software.

Wealth Scoring

Take the guesswork out of donor acquisition. Solicit donations with confidence—know a donor's capacity and propensity to give before you make the ask.

Flyout of the donor demographics section within Funraise.
Foundation Churn report within Funraise's Supporters section.

Smart Filters

Produce powerful audience segments using donor wealth screenings for more targeted and effective communications.

A wealth of information for the savvy fundraiser.

Automatic Wealth Screenings
Every donation activates an advanced wealth scoring search, unearthing powerful donor data, including net worth, income, and gift capacity.
Successful Matches Only
Wealth screening fees only apply to successful matches. This means you'll only be charged when wealth data is available. You can also turn this feature on or off. A win-win for everyone.
Wealth Data Matching
Create wealth data filters to develop useful donor segments and portfolios based on donor giving capacity.