Analytics Tracking

    Analytics Tracking

    Use Funraise Giving Form Event Handlers to pass donation data into your marketing platforms for a complete conversion analytics loop. For example, pass data back to Facebook or Google Analytics to track ROI and conversion metrics.
    The purpose of this guide is to share a few concepts to light your way. Be aware, we do not provide support for custom code. An understanding of javascript and common tracking methods is required to make use of these suggestions.
    Tracking technologies you might want to start with:
    A note about utm parameters
    UTMs are used by marketers to track the effectiveness of campaigns across several variables. The goal of this documentation is not to send UTM data to Funraise.
    The goal of this documentation is to send Funraise conversion data to the marketing systems where you already track UTM metrics. This closes the conversion loop in systems like Google Analytics and Facebook Ads and enables you to see the revenue performance of a particular Source, Campaign, or Creative.
    Useful Donation Properties
    You can pass Funraise donor and donation properties into your tracking scripts with the onSuccess Event Handler. Below are a few useful donation properties. See a complete list of properties available in Form V1 Event Handlers or Form V2 Event Handlers.

    Methods to send conversion data

    We’ve built two working examples to get you started. Be aware—your strategy will require additional or unique configuration; these are just vanilla examples. These methods use the Form V2 Event Handlers, but you can also accomplish this with a Form V1.  These methods are configured to send data to Google Analytics, but you can send data to any number of tracking systems.
    Method 1 | Single Page
    In this method, you’ll run tracking scripts directly from the onSuccess Event Handler on the page that contains the form. Please note, this method cannot send PayPal conversion data because a PayPal conversion happens off your site.
    Method 2 | Redirection
    In this method, you’ll redirect donors to a “Thank you” page after a successful donation. You’ll pass donation properties to the “Thank you” page through URL parameters. Finally, on the "Thank you" page, you’ll pull and place the URL parameters into your tracking functions.
    This method can accommodate PayPal donations. From the Donation Form editor in platform, you can add a PayPal onSuccess redirection. After a successful PayPal donation, Funraise will add donation properties as parameters to your PayPal redirection URL. To access the PayPal redirection settings in Funraise, navigate to: Giving Form > Settings > Payments.

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