Analytics Tracking

๐Ÿค“ Giving Form v1 only
Tracking donation events with 3rd party technologies as described on this page is only possible with the Giving Form V1 at this time.
โœ๏ธ This is only a demo
The forms and script examples on this page are for demo purposes only. This is not a copy and paste situation. Customization is required.

Before you start

There are many methods to track donation analytics across your marketing channels and your setup will be unique based on your requirements. The purpose of this guide is to share a few methods that are possible with Funraise's Donation Form.
A working knowledge of javascript and tracking technologies is required to make use of this documentation. Practically, while Funraise's Donation Form enables detailed tracking, it's only a small component of an overall analytics tracking system.
Tracking technologies referenced in this guide
Although you can do more than this, weโ€™ve used these as general examples.

Useful donation properties

You can pass Funraise Donor and Donation properties into custom functions, URL parameters, and UTM parameters with the Donation Form event handlers. Below is a small list of useful donation properties for analytics tracking.
donation.amount - The total transaction amount. - The total transaction amount.
donation.currency - The transaction currency.
donation.referer - The URL of the page previous to conversion page
donation.sourceUrl - The URL of the page where conversion occurred
donation.formId - The id of the Donation Form for this transaction

Tracking Method #1

Redirect to a "Thank-you" page
In a nutshell: Redirect donors to a "Thank-you" page. Programatically add donation properties to the redirection URL as parameters. Use javascript on the "Thank-you" page to pull in the URL parameter values and place them into specific tracking functions.
The right way to do it ๐Ÿ™‚
Best approach for tracking multiple channels
Can send PayPal donation events
Requires additional page on your site
Requires custom javascript
How to do it
1. Create a redirection function through the onSuccess event handler in Funraise's Form code. During this step, you'll also want to pass desired donation properties to your "Thank-you" page through URL parameters.
A note about PayPal: From the Donation Form editor you can add a PayPal onSuccess redirection. Funraise will add URL parameters to your URL which you can pull into your "Thank-you" page.

How to do it
2. Create the "Thank-you" page on your website. On this page, you'll need your 3rd party tracking scripts and a custom script to pull donation properties from your URL parameters. This demo includes Google Analytics with eCommerce and Facebook.

Tracking Method #2

Fire events directly from the onSuccess event handler
In a nutshell: Trigger tracking functions directly through the Funraise Giving Form onSuccess event handler.
A single page approach
Slightly easier to accomplish
Cannot send PayPal donation events
How to do it
Add necessary 3rd party scripts into the page that contains Funraise's Donation Form and trigger tracking functions directly through the onSuccess event handler. This example shows Google analytics with eCommerce and Facebook conversion tracking.

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