3 Easy Ways to Prepare for Pitching Your Nonprofit

June 20, 2019
3 minutes

Quick! Tell me what your nonprofit does.

Got your answer already to go?

The truth is many nonprofit professionals could use a little help in the pitching department and that’s a-okay! What matters is that you’re motivated to give a compelling pitch that highlights your nonprofit's impact in a way that lands your organization that amazing partnership or ginormous donation.

We love helping our nonprofit friends, so here are three quick and easy ways you can prepare yourself to give the best pitch ever.

Record It

Grab your smartphone and hit record, friend! We know hearing the sound of your own voice or watching a video of yourself can sometimes be frightening, but there's no better way to review your pitch and identify ways to improve it. Take note of your opening and closing as you want to make sure those are in tip-top shape. 

When you review your recordings, pay attention to the quality of your delivery. Are you speaking clearly? Are you speaking with emotion and conviction? Are you bringing people along on a journey? Think about some of the best pitches you’ve seen and find ways to incorporate those elements into your own.

Two illustrated men recording a video with their smartphone. Art by Sophie Cunningham.
3 Ways to Prep to Pitch Your Nonprofit

Ask for Feedback

Reviewing your pitch is a great place to start, but once you've refined it, your next step is getting some feedback. Find someone who's not afraid to tell you like it is and provide constructive criticism. Getting useful tips on how you can improve is worth more than gold (not really, but you the point). Ask a fellow team member or volunteer to listen to your pitch, or if you really want to hit it home, find someone who's in your target demographic and give them all you got!

Work with a Mentor

If you’re serious about perfecting your pitch, one tried and true strategy is to work with a mentor. There's nothing like the wisdom of someone who's been in your shoes to provide you with meaningful feedback and direction. Find someone who has experience pitching and who's got the time and energy to mentor you towards pitch-perfection. Schedule a periodic time to meet and get to work. Ask questions, get feedback, and be ready to roll up your sleeves!

Sometimes, it's really the little things that make a big difference. Pitching your nonprofit can be daunting, but it's a skill that can be learned and perfected. Keep at it, and in due time, you'll be a nonprofit pitching pro!

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